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Residents, faculty recognized for July thru September

Each month Family Medicine residents gather and vote for resident of the month and faculty of the month. Six physicians were recognized over the last three months.

Faculty of the Month: Dr. Kevin Sisk for teaching, always being available.
Resident of the Month: Dr. Rachel Bowers for throwing the 4th of July Bowers Bash and covering for Dr. McDade

Faculty of the Month: Dr. Melanie Menning for managing all of the things for OneWorld and always grabbing residents for procedures.
Resident of the Month: Dr. Jordan Rennicke for an excellent job as night mole.

Faculty of the Month: Dr. Jacqueline Yurgil for covering for Dr. Peebles and for teaching sports medicine.
Resident of the Month: Dr. Regan Rogers for covering inboxes, F drives, etc for pretty much the entire 2nd year military class.

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