M1s Gain Insight on Rural Care Block Rotation

Starting in May, more than 100 medical students will venture to one of more than 30 sites to complete their Rural Care Block Rotation. The purpose of the course is for students to live in and experience life and primary care in a Nebraska community.

On April 25, students learned where they would be spending the three week rotation.

Department of Family Medicine Assistant Professor of Family Medicine Dr. Monty Mathews briefed the students on the logistics, expectations and overview of the course.

Students also heard from Associate Professor of Internal Medicine Division of Geriatric Medicine, Dr. Ed Vandenberg; Teresa Hartman, Associate Professor at the McGoogan Library of Medicine; and a student panel who gave a summary of their own experiences.

Student are also asked to make a home visit to a geriatric patient in their preceptor’s practice to assess and begin to understand the adaption the patients make to accommodate for their disabilities.

As students prepare to enter their M2 year, they will have experienced the rewards and challenges of primary care practice in rural Nebraska through the Rural Care Block.

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