Dr. Audrey Paulman contributes to Physicians Bulletin

Physicians Bulletin, a bimonthly publication of the Metro Omaha Medical Society, celebrated 150 years by looking back on the history of MOMS and medicine in the metro.

Family Medicine Clinical Professor, Audrey Paulman, MD, MMM, contributed to the January/February 2016 issue with “A History of Omaha’s “Unrivalled Facilities”‘. Along with John Schleicher, MA, Associate Professor & Head of Special Collection at the McGoogan Library of Medicine, Dr. Paulman explores the hospitals of Omaha’s past including the Omaha Maternity Hospital and the Radium Hospital.

The article features several photos of the historic hospitals, and as the story states, “Omaha has been home to a number of hospitals over the decades, some of which lasted while others did not.”

Past issues of the Physicians Bulletin can be found on the Metro Omaha Medical Society website.

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