Medical Student Selected for NASA Clerkship

Miranda Mesloh, an UNMC fourth-year medical student, is one of six students selected for NASA’s Aerospace Medicine Clerkship, a four week clerkship at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Mesloh is earning a Family Medicine academic credit for her participation.

The clerkship involves “formal lectures on space medicine topics and issues, as well as familiarization with the medical aspects of International Space Station operations, design and function”.

Mesloh previously worked as an aerospace engineer before deciding to pursue medicine and transitioning into aerospace medicine research.

“My mentor at NASA mentioned the senior clerkship program to me before I left – I thought it would be a great opportunity. It was my goal entering my medical training to, hopefully, return to participate in the rotation,” Mesloh said.

Besides being involved with the aerospace community again, Mesloh is looking forward to a familiar atmosphere.

“The environment is very energizing. I’m excited to contribute to space medicine from a different perspective. And of course, spend time with old friends and co-workers,” Mesloh said.


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