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FMIG Sponsors SimWars Team

The Family Medicine Interest Group participates in the SimWars scenario.

As part of UNMC Innovation and Research Week, the Family Medicine Interest Group sponsored a team to participate in Mission: SimPossible.

In Mission: SimPossible, teams from the Family Medicine Interest Group and the Emergency Medicine Interest Group faced off in a simulation contest to “test their skills, expertise and calm under pressure”.

The emergency simulation involved a broken elevator, a woman in labor, and more. You can watch each team perform the exercise on the UNMC SimWars webpage and vote for your favorite team.

The FMIG team included M2 students, Marie Goering, Joshua Larson, Dylan Smith, Laura Pinon and a representative from the College of Pharmacy.

The winning team will be announced Thursday, October 22 at the UNMC Research Innovation Awards Ceremony. Be sure to vote!



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