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Pearl of Venice on our X-ray table

Carefully placing the painting on an image receptor. The light field shows the section to be x-rayed.

As part of the restoration of the Joslyn Art Museum’s “Pearl of Venice” oil painting by Thomas Moran, they needed a high-quality radiograph.

What better place to do that than right here at The Nebraska Medical Center and UNMC?

It’s not often one is asked to photograph a famous painting as it’s being x-rayed. But I was, and I did! It was quite a thrill to see the painting up close and seemingly vulnerable without its frame.

And what an opportunity for Justin Williams, a 2nd-year Radiography student who will go on to CVIT in the fall! He helped the team who produced the radiographs: James Temme, associate director of Radiation Science Technology Education, Tim Stack, radiologic technologist at The Nebraska Medical Center, and Jolene Horihan, lead radiologic Technologist at The Nebraska Medical Center.

Justin Williams, Tim Stack, Jolene Horihan, and James Temme
Justin Williams, Tim Stack, Jolene Horihan, and James Temme

Kay Johnson from Joslyn Art Museum, and Kenneth Bé, head of paintings conservation at the Gerald Ford Conservation Center handled and positioned the painting with gloves and care. The RT team bustled from table to machine to computer, and I snapped photos in between X-rays. Of course, everyone had to leave the room each time they took an image, but then we would gather around the monitor to see the results.

Kay Johnson and Kenneth Bé with Pearl of Venice after the X-ray

It was especially exciting when Mr. Bé reviewed that first image as it displayed on the computer and pointed out that we were seeing something that hadn’t been seen by anyone other than the painter in over a hundred years.

Pretty cool, huh?!

Viewing the X-ray image on a computer monitor.


Pointing out a spot that had already been cleaned of the yellowed varnish.


Want to see more photos and learn more about this fascinating type of art forensics? Don’t miss the next Science Café presented by Kenneth Bé and James Temme.

“Where Art Meets Science: The Analysis of a Painting”
Tuesday, June 3, 2014
7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Slowdown 729 N 14th St


PA staff members complete half-marathon

Can you run 13.1 miles? Geri Finn and Melissa Dorr, staff in our physician assistant program can. They both completed the Papillion Half-Marathon this past weekend.

This was Geri’s third half-marathon and Melissa’s eighth.

Why do they run?

Melissa says, “Running is a passion of mine, and my son, Anthony, is my inspiration to lead a healthy lifestyle.” She trains six days a week with a combination of running, yoga, and strength training.

Geri says, “I run because I love the challenge and it keeps me in shape.” She trains four days a week. “I meet friends to run at 5:00 a.m.”

You go, girls!

Annual SAHP Awards Ceremony and Forum on Evidence-Based Medicine

The annual School of Allied Health Professions Awards Ceremony took place on Wednesday, April 30, 2014.

This alt=""year’s recipient of the SAHP Excellence in Research Award was Ka-Chun (Joseph) Siu, PhD, assistant professor, division of physical therapy education. This award recognizes significant research contributions and addition to the knowledge of the clinical, scientific, and/or educational community.

alt=""Kathleen Volkman, PT, MS, NCS, assistant professor, division of physical therapy education, was honored for Excellence in Teaching. Nominees for this award must have a faculty appointment in the SAHP and demonstrate outstanding skills in directing learning, advising students, and facilitating effective interaction between faculty and students and between students.

alt=""Dennis Strauss, MD, was recognized for his Outstanding Service to the Allied Health Professions. Each year we recognize someone who has made extraordinary contributions in health care, education or service that result in the significant advancement of the School and the allied health professions.

Students gather to listen to Iman Ahmad, PhD, explain her poster at the SAHP Forum on Evidence-Based Medicine.

Each spring, in conjunction with the awards ceremony, the School of Allied Health Professions sponsors a Forum on Evidence-Based Medicine. The forum showcases faculty and student posters in three categories: educational exhibits, critical reviews, and research. This year, 85 students, 25 faculty, and two staff participated with 78 posters.

A book of the abstracts presented at the forum is available on the forum website: