College of Allied Health Professions

Join the Alumni Association Online Community

Alumni and students now have a dedicated online community to connect for networking, mentoring, interprofessional groups, and discussion boards.   The community, UNMC Alumni Connections, is managed by the Alumni Relations Office and was created in partnership with industry leader, PeopleGrove. It was first made available to alumni earlier this month.  Individuals who are interested in signing up may visit and join the community via… Continue Reading

7 Keys to Making it to the Finish Line

By Charlie King | student in genetic counseling As I enter the final week of my first year as a Genetic Counseling student, I find myself reflecting on my past nine months at UNMC. The rollercoaster that is graduate school is an eventful ride. I have felt a macroarray (genetic counseling joke) of emotions. Emotions ranging from courageous, hopeful, and confident, to feeling isolated, powerless,… Continue Reading

Dean’s admin called to duty

Most of us are working from home right now, but if you email Perris Scott, administrative associate in the college dean’s office, you’ll get a different out of office reply. “I will be out of the office for the foreseeable future as I have been called to duty with the Air National Guard.” Perris promised to send updates, if allowed, so here’s the latest directly… Continue Reading