College of Allied Health Professions

Celebrating DNA Day!

By Jessie Poskochil and Charlie King Did you know that James C. Watson and Francis H.C. Crick discovered that DNA is in the shape of a double helix in 1953? This remains one of the major milestones in scientific discovery. Fifty years later, the Human Genome Project was completed, marking the creation of a reference sequence for the entire human genome. These discoveries are some… Continue Reading

Join the Alumni Association Online Community

Alumni and students now have a dedicated online community to connect for networking, mentoring, interprofessional groups, and discussion boards.   The community, UNMC Alumni Connections, is managed by the Alumni Relations Office and was created in partnership with industry leader, PeopleGrove. It was first made available to alumni earlier this month.  Individuals who are interested in signing up may visit and join the community via… Continue Reading

World Down Syndrome Day

by Genetic Counseling students Sierra Clark, Madison McPherson, and Emily Toering Many people have heard of Down syndrome, though fewer may be able to answer the question “what is it?” As World Down Syndrome Day approaches on March 21, let’s explore this question with the aim of increasing awareness and promoting solidarity with our friends, family, and community members diagnosed with Down syndrome. Down syndrome… Continue Reading