College of Allied Health Professions

Important muscle health study results published

Portraits of Laura Flores and Laura Bilek

Associate Dean for Research and Linder Professor for Women’s Health Laura Bilek, PhD, and her team are on a mission to improve women’s health. Because of hormone changes with menopause, women lose significant muscle, which increases risk of many chronic diseases, such as diabetes. The team investigated various methods used to combat muscle loss. JCSM Rapid Communications recently published the results of their innovative and… Continue Reading

Siu and team receive patent for simulator

Joseph Siu, PhD, along with Carl Nelson, PhD, and Hesham Ali, PhD, recently received a patent for a Portable Camera Aided Simulator (PortCAS) for Minimally Invasive Surgical Training. PortCAS is the first product their research team developed in their start-up company, Adeptus Interactive, currently incubated in UNeTECH. PortCAS is a portable and low-cost trainer for laparoscopic surgical skills acquisition. This video demonstrates how it works…. Continue Reading

Welcome new staff: Traci McKeon

Traci McKeon, BS, MS, recently joined UNMC as the new Simulation and Clinical Skills Specialist for both CAHP and CON at the Health Science Education Complex on the UNK Campus. Traci attended UNK for her undergraduate degree in the 1990’s and most recently graduated from UNK in 2017 with her MS in Education in Instructional Technology. She has worked in primary and secondary education as… Continue Reading