College of Allied Health Professions

Celebrating #PAWeek: The future of ultrasound in PA education

More from our Physician Assistant (PA) students, in celebration of National PA Week: Ultrasound is a medical tool that uses high frequency sound waves to provide real-time images to the provider. It is a technique used in the treatment and diagnosis of several conditions because it is able to give health care professionals insight into problems with organs, vessels, and tissues without making any incisions…. Continue Reading

Celebrating PA Week: The History of the Physician Assistant Profession

In honor of National Physician Assistant Week, some of our PA students put together some information. They kick it off with a bit of history. With a lack of Primary Care providers, healthcare was not very accessible in the 1960’s. The solution was the creation of the Physician Assistant profession. It all began with Dr. Amos Johnson and Henry Lee “Buddy” Treadwell in Garland, North… Continue Reading

Forty Years of Learning Something New Daily

By Joe Evans, Nebraska Medicine | September 25, 2018 What do you want to be when you grow up? It is the question we were all confronted with as we prepared to graduate high school. Like many of us, Karen Keller didn’t know the answer. Fast forward four decades later, and Keller could not be any happier about her career decision being a medical technology… Continue Reading