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Dean’s admin called to duty

Administrative Associate Perris Scott on duty in the Air National Guard

Most of us are working from home right now, but if you email Perris Scott, administrative associate in the college dean’s office, you’ll get a different out of office reply.

“I will be out of the office for the foreseeable future as I have been called to duty with the Air National Guard.”

Perris promised to send updates, if allowed, so here’s the latest directly from her via text:

“We received word that sharing our mission is approved by public affairs. We are heading to Grand Island and will set up a drive-through clinic. No one allowed out of their cars and they have to have appointments. I will be standing at the first checkpoint, which is registration to ensure that they are indeed on the list. Then they will go to the next stop for testing.

We will be well protected. I am currently wearing an N95 mask and pretty much we must wear them at all times. But when we get to the site and start seeing patients, we will be in Ebola approved PPE. Full white suit, three pairs of gloves, gas mask, and gloves. A decontamination tent will be set up so that when we need to take a break or at the end of the duty day, we will go through that process…long process.

Just wanted to send you an update. We will train on how to wear the gear, get set up and start seeing patients today.”

Thank you for your service, Perris! The College is proud of you!

Perris’ introduction blog from February 28, 2019

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