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Graduate Studies Assistantship/Fellowship Competition

Deadlines for the UNMC Assistantship/Fellowship competition (2018-2019 academic year) are rapidly approaching.  Attached are the necessary documents for new and renewal applications, as well as instructions including scoring criteria. This information can also be found on the website (https://www.unmc.edu/gradstudies/current/funding-options/assistantship-fellowship.html).  Deadline information is summarized below.

New Proposals –
·Deadline 11:59 PM on FEBRUARY 1, 2018:  The Letter of Intent, the Project Funding Affirmation (which must be signed by your mentor, as well as his/her department chair (or dean or institute director) and an Abstract (approx. 250 words) should be submitted in one PDF.  Late submissions will NOT be accepted.  You will receive an email from unmcgraduatestudies@unmc.edu confirming receipt of your submission.
·Deadline 11:59 PM on MARCH 1, 2018:  The full Assistantship/Fellowship Application form and supporting materials must be submitted in one PDF. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

Students currently in their first year of funding through this mechanism –
·Do NOT submit a Letter of Intent. The second year of funding is contingent on attendance at least three professional development workshops by March 1st of the initial year of funding, as well as submission and approval of the Renewal Application (due 11:59 PM on March 1, 2018). Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate Studies Office (unmcgraduatestudies@unmc.edu) if you have any questions.

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