University of Nebraska Medical Center

Graduate Student Wellness Hub

Established in 2023, the Graduate Student Wellness Hub serves as a place of respite for all our graduate students.

Whether you are looking to relax, study, or practice presentations, the Wellness Hub has the resources you need! The office for our Wellness Advocates can also be found here.

  • Dr. David Crouse, Retired Executive Associate Dean and Emeritus Professor in the College of Medicine in the Division of Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy¬†
    • Office hours on Mondays and Thursdays, 9-12 PM
  • Dr. Alice Schumaker, Emeritus Professor, and former graduate faculty member and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
    • Office hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 1-4 PM

      There will be notices made for when they cannot attend any of their assigned times.

We offer our most sincere thanks to all the people who made this possible:

  • Dr. Dele Davies, for supporting our idea to create a graduate student space, and all his hard work to help this come to fruition. We are also very grateful for the gracious donation of games and puzzles.
  • Dr. Kendra Schmid for her valuable contributions, ideas, and dedication.
  • Dr. Karen Gould for her enthusiastic support and unwavering advocacy.
  • Julie Sommer, for the donation of office space and all her help with planning.
  • Terri Vadovski, for her enthusiasm, ideas, and constant support.
  • Dr. Terrence Donohue, for serving as our very first Wellness Advocate.
  • John Coughlin, Brian Johnson, and their teams, for all their hard work on space design and management of the building process.
  • Past and Present GSA Executive Teams, who have given their time and effort toward making this space the best it can be.
  • And many more! We appreciate all of your contributions.