Graduate Student Association

Grievance Committee Elections

Each year, the GSA holds an election for two of the four student members of the Graduate Student Grievance Committee. The students may not include more than one member from any one department, and each year we must elect one male and one female student. This year, we will need students from departments other than CRGP and BMB.   The term for a student member… Continue Reading

Change of Advisor Protocol Town Hall

GSA is working with faculty and administration to develop a protocol for how to change advisors. This protocol would protect students and provide clear instructions on how to handle changing advisors. A committee that includes both students and faculty will meet in June to create this protocol, but GSA would like to hear ideas and input from the student body beforehand.   Please join us… Continue Reading

Student Forum

In light of the state budget challenges and the changes in leadership that will result from the recent elections, UNMC is hosting two forums for students to have an opportunity to ask questions, share concerns, and learn more about available resources that promote well-being. These will be held on Monday, November 21 from noon to 1pm and from 5pm to 6pm. This post will be… Continue Reading