Graduate Student Association


Please contact the chair of a committee if you would be interested in serving on a GSA committee.

Issues Committee

Chair: Sophia Kisling

Assist the Vice-President to address issues and concerns that pertain to graduate students.

International Student Affairs Committee

Chair: Clara Mundry

Assist the International Student Chair to advocate for international graduate students and encourage their involvement in professional and social activities.

Alumni/Outreach/Interprofessional Education Committee

Co-Chairs: Katie Muilenburg, Shelby Knoche, Sanika Bodas

Assist the Alumni, Outreach, and Interprofessional Education chairs advocating for networking, educational, career, volunteer, and interprofessional experiences and opportunities on campus.

Social Committee

Co-Chairs: Rachel Kehrberg and Evie Ehrhorn

Assist the social chairs with the planning and set-up of social events for graduate students.

Grievance Resolution Committee

Student Members: Aubree Honcoop (MSIA: Health Practice and Medical Education), Tommy Stormberg (Pharmaceutical Science), Raheleh Mohhammadi (Public Health: Epidemiology), and Rasila Soumana Hama (Nursing).

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One thought on “Committees

  • Hi I would like to talk to Margret Taylor and Shashank Shrishrimal if possible for my issues regarding the grievance resolution.

    Can you please reply to me asap by email?