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What is Firefly?

Firefly is the online enterprise portal for both the University of Nebraska and the Nebraska State College System. It serves as your single access point to business-related information. From this one website you can also access—and in some cases, even update—your personal data.

You will use your 8-digit NU ID number and the password given to you by your campus security coordinator to access Firefly.

Firefly features:

The areas within Firefly that you can access are tailored to your needs. All employees have access to SAP Employee Self Service (ESS), which enables you to view your own information, such as leave balances, paycheck stubs, address information, view W-2 and W-4 information, view and edit emergency contact information, update bank information, and view leave balances.

Other roles are available in Firefly to help you track departmental spending and to better manage your employees.

Firefly has expanded considerably since its inception. It will continue to be an integral part of your everyday business routine, providing access to multiple systems from one place with one username and password.

Campus Coordinator:

UNMC:  unmcfirefly@unmc.edu

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