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Boss Proposal Funding Opportunity

It is BOSS proposal time!  This is a FANTASTIC opportunity for student senate to support YOU!  BOSS stands for Benefiting Organizations through Student Senate.  What this really boils down to is that student senate is here to support YOU and YOUR vision for OUR university.  The BOSS proposal is a way to financially support your ideas for campus projects, meetings and events that can be utilized by OUR community.  One key component of these proposals is that they MUST benefit students from each of the UNMC colleges.

Just fill out this form to describe what you want, why you want it and detail what it’s going to cost.  Email this document to Austin Clark austin.clark@unmc.edu no later than February 5th.  It is free to apply, and nothing makes us happier than making you happy.  So, give us the chance to help YOU make the UNMC experience as wonderful as we know YOU are.

The application was sent from Austin Clark on behalf of Student Senate. If you need a copy of the application please email gsapres@unmc.edu.

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