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Bio Nebraska Newsletter

Bio Nebraska is an association of major life science companies whose mission is to be the champion of biotechnology and an advocate for its member organizations promoting academic, industry, and government partnerships to foster the growth of life sciences within Nebraska. UNMC Graduate Studies has a partnership with Bio Nebraska to expose graduate students to […]

Mar 20, 2017

Professional Development Lunch & Learn

The Professional Development Lunch & Learn Seminar Series will be held at noon on the third Thursday of each month during the fall and spring semesters. This series will focus on identifying potential career paths and developing the professional skills necessary for success across a broad spectrum of careers – academia, business, entrepreneurship, government, nonprofits, […]

Mar 13, 2017

McGoogan Library Classes

This year, the McGoogan Library of Medicine will provide classes on a wide range of topics. The class series, called “The McGoogan Sessions” includes subjects of specific interest to the UNMC community, such as citation management, copyright issues, publishing tips, medico-legal research, locating experts, and getting the most out of Google. Presenters will include faculty […]

Mar 13, 2017