University of Nebraska Medical Center

University Budget Letter Writing Events

In light of the significant cuts to the University of Nebraska’s budget proposed by the governor, it is vitally important to let your State Senator know how the proposed budget cuts could affect you. One of the most effective ways you can do this is with a personal, handwritten letter. ┬áStarting next week, UNMC Student Delegates and Student Senate members will be found at the following times/locations with Eileen’s cookies, paper, envelopes, and information about the proposed cuts so you can write to your Senator and let your voice be heard:

  • Monday, March 5th
    • Wittson Hall 4053 from 12-1
    • Sorrell Center 2nd Floor Atrium from 12-1
    • DRC Atrium from 12-1
    • College of Nursing from 12-12:30
    • College of Public Health 2nd Floor from 1-2
  • Thursday, March 8th
    • College of Nursing from 1-2
  • Friday, March 9th
    • College of Nursing from 11:30-12
  • Monday, March 12th
    • Sorrell Center 2nd Floor Atrium from 12-1
    • College of Pharmacy 2nd Floor Commons from 12-1

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