University of Nebraska Medical Center

International Week 2017

Monday, December 4TH: Cultural Diversity Fair

2-3PM, DRC II Atrium

Email gsapres@unmc.edu if you are interested in representing your country. We

encourage participants to wear traditional attire and bring souvenirs and artifacts from

their country. Each volunteer will receive a poster to design that represents and provides information on their country. There will be coffee, tea, and cookies for those in attendance to enjoy!

Tuesday, December 5TH: Global Recognition

All day in the DRC II Atrium

A map of the world will be available throughout the day and students are encouraged to

sign their name on their home country to raise awareness on how diverse the UNMC student population is!

Wednesday, December 6TH: Breaking Barriers

12-1PM, DRC I, Room 1005

Come and learn about a fellow student’s home country while enjoying native food!

Breaking Barriers is a monthly seminar series, so if you are interested in presenting your country please email gsapres@unmc.edu. A $200 budget is allotted for food.

Thursday, December 7TH: Table Tennis and Badminton

7-9PM, Center for Healthy Living

A tournament will be held for teams of two or singles. Please email


with the name of both team members and which sport you would like to participate in by

Monday, 12/4. Pizza will be provided!

Friday, December 8TH: Photo Competition

Submit a photo representative of your home country that you have taken (landscape,

architecture, famous landmark, etc) to gsapres@unmc.edu by Thursday, 12/7. The

winning photo will be announce on Facebook on Friday and an album of all submitted photos will be uploaded.

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