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November Tech Talk Seminar: Radiolabeling Facility

Please join us for the next Tech Talk seminar.

Nina Baranowska-Kortylewicz will present: Radiolabeling Facility: a source of radioactive reagents for drug development, diagnosis, and therapy

November 14 at 1pm in DRC1 1004

This seminar series features research that uses UNMC core facility technologies. Speakers include core scientists, principal investigators, instrument tech reps and occasionally outside researchers.  The purpose of the series is to highlight the variety of ways core technologies can be applied to research questions, with a special emphasis on technology new to UNMC. Tech Talks are held the second Tuesday of every other month from 1-2pm in DRC Room 1004.

Topics covered:

  •         Properties of radionuclides typically used in clinical, translational, and drug development studies.
  •         Selection of radionuclides best suited to your application.
  •         Selection of radioactive molecules best suited to your application.
  •         Methods to incorporate radionuclides into small molecules, proteins, and peptides.
  •         Radioactive reagents that can be routinely prepared for Investigators by the Radiolabeling Facility.
  •         Simple custom syntheses.
  •         Development of new radiolabeling reagents and methods.
  •         Radiobiological consequences of radionuclides and their impact on the experimental design.
  •         Overview of the quality assurance protocols that facilitate translational studies of the radioactive drugs.

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