University of Nebraska Medical Center

GSA Election

Voting is now open on the CARE website! You can vote any time between now and May 6! We will announce the new team on May 8. Here are the candidates:

  • President:
    Tayla Heavican
  • Vice President:
    Margaret Taylor
    Richard “Lee” Sleightholm
  • Treasurer:
    Brady Sillman
  • Secretary:
    Saswati Karmakar
  • International Student Chair:
    Alisha Aggarwal
    Insiya Mukadam
    Swagat Sharma
  • Interprofessional Education Chair:
    Ethan Schroeder
  • Alumni Chair:
    Eliezer Lichter
    Nick Wojtynek
  • Student Wellness Chair:
    Aneesha Dasgupta
  • Student Engagement Chair:
    Joel Frandsen

Thank you to everyone who declared candidacy!

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