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Interested in getting teaching experience?

For those students interested in developing teaching skills or teaching opportunities, we may be offering the UNO course, Biology of Human Disease once again.  This was a UNMC graduate student taught and administered course presented on the UNO campus to UNO undergraduates.  Right now we are trying to determine which UNMC graduate students would be interested in teaching in and/or administering the course.  In the past, we had a committee of 4-5 UNMC graduate students serve to act as course director (with a faculty advisor), lecture coordinator, examination director, etc.   Each UNMC student would provide 1 or maybe two lectures and would work with a UNMC faculty member in setting up their lecture and work with UNO faculty when they deliver their lecture. Hopefully, they would get feedback from both UNMC and UNO faculty as well as from UNO students.  This opportunity is especially useful for students who are interested in completing the UNMC Teaching Proficiency Program.

If you are interested in the course, please contact Dan Monaghan, Professor, PEN Dept., at dtmonagh@unmc.edu and indicate if you’d like to give a lecture and/or help administer the course.

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