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UNMC Household Goods Sale


In years past there have been furniture overstock sales at UNMC. This year I am organizing a household goods sale for international students (and other new students) and asking staff/faculty/students to donate their clean and gently used items to UNMC instead of other donation organizations. Proceeds of the sale will benefit students organizations in return for student volunteers to work the event.

This event will be active August 10 to Sept 6; several days of 2-hour windows to drop-off goods, with sale days of 4-hour windows that include options for delivery, require volunteers.


Volunteer days and times
Drop-off days August 10, 11, 12, 14, 19, 20, 21  
Drop-off time   6pm – 8pm
Sale days August 15, 22;

September 5, 6

Sale time   8am – 1pm
Delivery days August 15, 22;

September 5, 6

Delivery time   830am – 1330pm


A minimum number of workers are needed for each day/time.  On drop-off days at least 3 people while on sale days a minimum of eight – 4 for the sale and two 2-person delivery crews. Actual sale time advertised will be 830am to 1230pm.  Doodle links are provided below for volunteers to sign up. There are three links:


  • one for drop-off day/times  http://doodle.com/cd977mb3vznpuswg
  • one for sale days   http://doodle.com/9mett9wd62ahcxht
  • one for delivery  http://doodle.com/wx6452k87qcu3gkq


This is a private sale so student ID’s will be required to purchase, with priority to students, though students can purchase items for family members.


Please call 402.559.2346 or email ddohrmann@unmc.edu with any questions!

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