College of Allied Health Professions

Dr. Bilek gives tips on exercising when diagnosed with cancer

CAHP Associate Dean for Research, Laura Bilek, PT, PhD, presented, “Cancer Survivors: Enhancing Health with Exercise, One Step at a Time,” at the Science Cafe in Kearney on Monday. Survivors frequently ask, “How do I exercise if I don’t feel good?!” Dr. Bilek discussed the specific benefits of exercise for the cancer survivor and offered tips for developing a successful plan to increase physical activity…. Continue Reading

CAHP team gets a first in Trek Up the Tower 2017

While much of Omaha lounged on Saturday, February 18, 2017, eight intrepid “allied healthers” climbed the First National Bank tower stairwell in the annual Trek Up the Tower. That’s 40 floors. 870 steps. 633 feet into the sky. Our trekkers were (pictured above from left to right): Greg Karst, PhD, Anne Skinner, Geri Finn, Laura Bilek, PhD, Kyle Meyer, PhD, Annie Wildermuth, Jon Kilstrom, and… Continue Reading