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Posters and networking at the cancer symposium

Several faculty from the College of Allied Health Professions presented posters at the Buffett Cancer Center: Cancer Prevention and Control Symposium on Friday.

Medical Nutrition Assistant Professor Mariah Jackson presented two posters, “A Cancer Center Nutrition Excellence Initiative: Expanding Nutrition Resources and Improving Outreach Through Partnership and Collaboration,” co-authored with Jana Ponce, PhD, Samantha Dieckmann, Rebecca Beaudoin, Morgan Mancuso-Sheen, Rachael Schimdt, Corri Hanson, PhD, and Megan Timmerman; and “Characterization of Dietary Intake of Cancer Survivors enrolled in an Educational Cooking Class,” co-authored with Rebecca Beaudoin, Diane Ehlers, Laura Bilek, PhD, Laura Graeff-Armas, Melissa Acquazzino, and Corri Hanson, PhD.

Associate Dean for Research Laura Bilek, PhD, presented, “OsteoBoost Belt, A Novel Modality to Prevent Consequences of Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Men with Prostate Cancer,” co-authored with College of Nursing Professor Anna Schwartz, PhD.

Additionally, Dr. Bilek’s graduate student Reece Blay presented, “Development of a Novel Method to Analyze Habitual Vertical Impact in Pediatric Cancer Survivors,” co-authored with Matt McManigal.

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