Graduate Student Association

GSA March Meeting

March 4, 2015 12pm-1pm DRC1 1005   Announcements: After Dark Student Shuttle Nominations for UNMC Faculty Senate awards –Friday March 13th Nominations for GSA Distinguished Graduate Mentor award – Friday March 13th Student Senate Candidates: President: Andrew Shaw Vice President: Katelyn Jelden, Tyler Scherr Graduate Studies Senators: Jaime Abrego, Aneesha Dasgupta, Raheleh Miralami, Jannah Obaid, Tyler Scherr, Heather Talbott, Rebecca Wilshusen, Beiqing “Mercury” Wu, Runze Zhao Action Items: 2015 Midwestern Scientific Research Career Fair – Heather and Tyler Holi – Heather, Sidra, Diane GSA Elections… Continue Reading

How to Approach Difficult Conversations

This original article appeared on LinkedIn at:   LINKEDIN: What is the number-one tool we need when going into a difficult conversation, whether it’s with a boss, a colleague, a client, or someone in our personal lives? REYNOLDS: Choose your emotions. Before going into the conversation, choose what you want to feel. Select one word to use as an emotional anchor you can go back to when your impatience, anger or fear arises. Consider what you want the other person to feel—inspired, hopeful or courageous?… Continue Reading