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PCORI updates

PCORI now offers the opportunity to receive alerts every time a funded project has results.  To track the progress of a study, you can now go to any project page on our site and click the blue “Sign Up for Updates” button on the upper right corner.  You’ll receive email updates when that study has patient-friendly and professional abstracts posted to the PCORI website and/or when a published, peer-reviewed journal article on primary comparative effectiveness research results is posted.

Right now, just under 200 projects have submitted their draft final research reports and entered the PCORI peer-review process. Nearly 100 of these have made their way through this process and are on the way to having both professional and patient-friendly abstracts on PCORI’s website. Many are already posted, and many more will appear in the coming months. I’m grateful to our peer-review and communications teams for their diligent work and creative approaches to getting this information to those who need it.

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