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Pipet and Pipette Tip Disposal

Per our UNMC #2005 Waste Handling Policy these items are defined as biohazardous waste no matter how they are used.   All pipettes and pipette tips must be disposed as biohazard waste even if they are autoclaved.  For convenience we have allowed used pipettes and pipette tips to be collected in boxes for disposal lined with plastic bags.  When ready for disposal the bag should be twisted closed and tied in a single knot (liquid tight), the box closed and placed in a biohazardous waste container for disposal.     This process will protect those that must handle these items through the disposal process.



Information on biohazardous waste at:


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UNMC #2005 Waste Handling Policy:


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Reminder: SPA Grant Submission Deadline Policy

As the Spring grant deadlines are rolling in please remember that grants are due to Sponsored Programs at least three business days before the sponsor’s deadline.  The complete policy statement is included below:

Complete research proposals are due to Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) at least three business days before the sponsor’s deadline.  This will allow adequate time for SPA review of grant and contract requirements and for the completion of the electronic submission process.  SPA will review budget with a draft of abstract, as soon as they are available.  Applications submitted less than 3 days prior to the sponsor’s deadline are not guaranteed to be submitted by the required deadline and will not be prioritized over those submitted in a timely fashion.