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Prostate Journal Club

 Because of the common interest of Kaustubh and Mehta laboratories, a journal club will be hosted on the third Thursday of each month at noon. The participants are welcome to bring their lunch or snack. The purpose of the journal club is to present and discuss recent innovative findings dealing with the basic cell biological as well as therapeutic aspects of prostate cancer initiation, promotion and metastasis. Various physiological and cell biological aspects of morphogenesis of normal prostate will also be discussed to start with. This is not a focus group meeting. If the journal club turns out to be educative, we might start meeting twice a month. The premise behind initiating such a club is to familiarize with the current literature as well as to develop some joint collaborative projects. Based on the number of participants, we will decide the venue and reserve a suitable room for the club. Please email either one of us if you are interested. We welcome suggestions.

Parmender P. Mehta
Kaustubha Datta

Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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