Research Announcements

New Western Blot Services available through Protein Structure Core Facility

The PSCF (Protein Structure Core Facility) is offering free hands-on individual training for our Peggy Simple Western Size or Charge system.  Training consists of three mornings, during which the trainee will run three plates of their own samples.  Our goal is that people leave training with an optimized lysate-antibody pair, and good confidence in operating the equipment and the associated software.

Our introductory pricing after training will be $10 per hour.  The PSCF currently provides all reagents other than lysate and primary antibody for standard size and charge runs.

Not familiar with what the Peggy can do?  It is manufactured by ProteinSimple, and performs automated Westerns or isoelectric focusing using capillaries.  Antibodies are used for detection by chemiluminescence.  Results can be viewed as electropherograms or lanes, and quantitation is imbedded in the software.  The goal is to save researchers time spent performing the manual steps of Western blot analysis, and to provide a method for determining post-translational modification of proteins (e.g. detecting phosphorylated and dephosphorylated signaling proteins). For more information, you can ask us or see the company’s website:

The PSCF still provides protein and peptide sequencing by Edman degradation, and protein quantitation by amino acid analysis.  These two methods are the gold standards for information about primary structure and amount of proteins.  For more information about the services offered in the PSCF, see,  e-mail us at, or call the director (Laurey Steinke, PhD) at 402-559-5176.  To schedule training, or arrange delivery of a sample, please call the PSCF (402-559-6647) and arrange a time with Michele Fontaine, Researcher.

2014 Nebraska Neuroscience Symposium Registration Open

The 2014 Nebraska Neuroscience Symposium will gather experts from throughout the nation to discuss new research on the brain’s achievements in learning and its challenges, including addiction.

The symposium, sponsored by Nebraska EPSCoR through a National Science Foundation grant, is Wednesday, Sept. 24, at the Hilton Omaha, 1001 Cass St.

Admission to the symposium is free, but pre-registration is required no later than Sept. 14. University researchers are invited to present posters at the symposium. Click here for speaker topics and bios and online registration. An optional hotel room reservation discount for symposium attendees is available through Aug. 24. Questions about the event may be directed to Nebraska EPSCoR at 402-472-8946.

Comment Period for Proposed Commercial F&A Rate for Research in UNMC Facilities

Dr. Gold has asked for a public comment period regarding the institution of a second commercial F&A rate for commercial grants and contracts that are performed on site using core facilities, laboratories, and/or comparative medicine facilities.  The rationale and planned rate are described in a white paper available from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

Comments may be sent to: