Research Announcements

NIH Salary Cap Increase Effective January 11, 2015

As of January 11th, 2015, the NIH salary cap will increase from $181,500 to $183,300.

Per the NIH, the terms “direct salary,” “salary,” and “institutional base salary” have the same meaning for the purposes of salary limitation and exclude fringe benefits and facilities and administrative (F&A) costs.

Per UNMC Institutional Base Salary policy #6102:

  • Institutional base salary is capped at the current published NIH salary limitation level only for grant and contract proposals sponsored by the NIH or by those sponsors that utilize the NIH salary cap; for all other proposals, the total institutional base salary is used.

For more information:

Shuttle Facilitates Research Collaborations between UNL, UNO, and UNMC

To facilitate engineering collaborations between University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Omaha (UNO) and Medical Center (UNMC), a shuttle makes daily stops Monday-Friday, at the following Lincoln and Omaha locations with daily schedule at

  • Othmer Hall, UNL City campus (Vine St. between 16th and 17th St).
  • Interstate 80, Exit 439; at the Ride and Share parking lot located behind Walmart.
  • Peter Kiewit Institute (PKI), UNO Pacific campus; circle drive in front of the main entrance.
  • UNMC bus stop just west of 42nd and Dewey St.

Two shuttle vans, one leaving from Othmer and one from PKI, depart every two hours starting at 8 am. The last shuttle leaves each location at 6 pm. The approximate travel time between Othmer Hall in Lincoln and the UNMC campus is one hour and 30 minutes. Each van can accommodate 10-12 passengers, as space is available, and has Wi-Fi. While you do not need to pre-register, you may be required to show your student/faculty/staff ID card.

This new shuttle service will enhance student and researcher collaborations, while reducing their impact on their environment in support of UNMC’s LiveGreen initiative.

For more information about times and pick-up locations, visit:

Free interlibrary loans begin Jan. 1

Beginning Jan. 1, the library will no longer charge the $9 interlibrary loan fee to UNMC faculty and staff. Additionally, students will not be limited to 50 free requests per year. This change is being made to make information more accessible to the UNMC community.

Please note that copyright payments still will be required if the individual exceeds five articles from the same title dated within the last five years, or if more than one article from a single issue is requested. The charge will cover costs only and will be capped at $30. Copyright counts reset with each fiscal year.