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Advice for Students Considering a PhD Program

Sachi Verma, MPH’17, is currently working on her PhD at UNMC. In this two-minute video, she shares advice for those who are considering earning a PhD. One of the most important tips – start preparing now! Be sure to watch and take note of her suggestions if this is something you can see in your […]

Aug 24, 2022

Advice to Student Researchers

UNMC is known for it’s leading research and innovation in the health sciences, and many of our incoming students will have the opportunity to engage in this research. Mike Kozal, MD’88, Internal Medicine’91 shares a few pieces of advice for any student who is completing research at UNMC and beyond.

Aug 10, 2022

Professional Development Opportunities for UNMC Students

It’s hard to believe August is here and a new group of students will be starting their education at UNMC. This month, the Connections Project Blog will be featuring advice and opportunities for students who will be arriving on campus soon. To start, UNMC College of Dentistry alum Grant Essink, DDS’17, MS shares a few […]

Aug 3, 2022

Advocating for Yourself

Advocating for yourself isn’t always the easiest thing to do. However, it is an important action students and professionals alike need to do to gain opportunities, experiences and more. It might be hard, but it’s worth it. Jillian Negri, DNP’17, APRN-NP, ACNP-BC reminds us of the importance of advocating for yourself.

Jul 27, 2022

Asset Allocation

It’s the final installment of our series Investing for Retirement for Healthcare Professionals! Now that you know what mutual funds and bonds are, how do you know which (and how much of each) to invest in? Dan Hyslop, MD’82 concludes his presentation by sharing how you can divide up your portfolio among stocks, mutual funds, […]

Jul 20, 2022

Timing the Market

A common message you might hear about investing is “buy low and sell high.” While this makes sense in theory, it may not be the best strategy long-term. In the penultimate part of Dan Hyslop, MD’82’s series on investing for retirement, he shares a data-backed perspective on timing the market.

Jul 13, 2022

Bond Index Funds

When the stock market drops, it is important to have a balanced portfolio of investments. One way to do this is by investing in bonds. This week, Dan Hyslop, MD’82 explains what bond index funds are and why you should consider owning them. This video is Part 6 in Dr. Hyslop’s presentation on Investing for […]

Jul 6, 2022

Choosing a Mutual Fund

If you’ve been following along with our series, Investing for Retirement for Healthcare Professionals, you now know what a mutual fund is, how returns & interest accumulate and how financial advisor fees work. Now, it’s time to choose a mutual fund. But which are good options? Dan Hyslop, MD’82 compares some common mutual funds in […]

Jun 29, 2022

Understanding Financial Advisor Fees

You may know what a financial advisor does, but how do they get paid? Dan Hyslop, MD’82 explains the fees associated with having someone else (sometimes a computer!) managing your investments and the long-term impact of these costs. This video is Part 4 in Dr. Hyslop’s presentation on Investing for Retirement for Healthcare Professionals. Check […]

Jun 22, 2022

The Magic of Compounding Returns & The Tyranny of Compounding Costs

Over the last two weeks, Dan Hyslop, MD’82 has shared basic investing definitions in An Introduction to Investing and compared mutual funds and index mutual funds in Mutual Funds vs. Index Mutual Funds. These clips are part of his larger presentation, Investing for Retirement for Healthcare Professionals. In this week’s clip, Dr. Hyslop dives into […]

Jun 15, 2022