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A collection of blog posts featuring alumni sharing why they chose UNMC.

The Importance of Giving Back

Carol Swarts, MD ‘59, shares her thoughts on the importance of giving back to the University of Nebraska and your community.  “If you don’t work for anything or don’t give it back, it doesn’t mean as much. I consider myself a caretaker, and I feel like I owe Nebraska. I was born here, but also, […]

Dec 6, 2023

Why UNMC – Lab Medicine

Nicole Meier, a 2006 graduate of UNMC’s laboratory science program, shares why she chose UNMC for her health professions education. In celebration of Medical Lab Professionals Week, she shares how Lab Medicine was where she was meant to be, and appreciation for the impact that UNMC has had on her, as well as the community.

Apr 26, 2023

Alumni Share Why They Chose UNMC

Thank you to everyone who came out to the UNMC Only in Nebraska Campaign Rally last week to learn about this historic endeavor and enjoy lunch! Attendees wrote thank you notes to donors, voted on their top campaign priority and took selfies with donor walls. To continue this momentum, we’re sharing a compilation video of […]

Dec 14, 2022

UNMC’s Lasting Impact

In celebration of the UNMC College of Dentistry Alumni Reunion last week and Veteran’s Day next week, we are sharing a video from service member and dentistry alum, Christian Petersen, CPT, DDS’16, MS. While attending dental school, Dr. Petersen met many people who helped influence and guide his career choices. He shares more about who […]

Nov 3, 2022

Why I Love NU

I Love NU Week is here! Celebrations are happening all week long in-person and online. Learn more about getting involved. The University of Nebraska system has a significant impact on Nebraska’s workforce and economy. A recent report found: The NU System generates $9 for every $1 the state invests. The University generated $5.8 billion in […]

Mar 23, 2022

Counting Down to I Love NU Week!

I Love NU Week starts on Monday, and there are so many ways to participate! Join us at the State Capitol in Lincoln on Wednesday from 1:00-3:00 PM for an in-person “I Love NU” celebration. Or, participate virtually: Share how the university has impacted you on social media with #ILoveNU, Post a photo wearing your […]

Mar 16, 2022

Why Did YOU Choose UNMC?

One of our favorite things to ask alumni and students is why they chose UNMC. Many of them, including Rishi Batra, MD’14, have chosen UNMC not once, but multiple times as they’ve pursued education and training. Dr. Batra shares his “Why UNMC” this week, but we want to hear from you. Comment why you chose […]

Mar 9, 2022

Alumni Share Why They Chose UNMC

In the UNMC Alumni Office, we have the privilege to speak with many of our more than 46,000+ alumni and each time that we do, we like to ask them, why UNMC? Why did you choose the University of Nebraska Medical Center for your health professions education? Most of the time, we hear that it […]

Sep 15, 2021

Why UNMC? A Nurse’s Story

As new students take part in orientation and the start of their first health professions classes at UNMC, we thought we would share one alum’s story on why they chose UNMC. Hear from Aaron Moore about what was going on in his life to make him pursue a bachelor’s degree and then what sparked further […]

Aug 20, 2021

Alumni Share “Why UNMC?”

In honor of #ILoveNU Week starting this Monday, we’re sharing what a few of our alumni had to say when we asked them “Why did you choose UNMC?” Be sure to visit to learn more and get involved.

Mar 18, 2021