Alumni Share Why They Chose UNMC

In the UNMC Alumni Office, we have the privilege to speak with many of our more than 46,000+ alumni and each time that we do, we like to ask them, why UNMC? Why did you choose the University of Nebraska Medical Center for your health professions education?

Most of the time, we hear that it was an easy, “no brainer” decision or that it was financially feasible, but often times we hear different reasons too. Today we share some answers to this question from several alumni across various professions, and we even get to hear from a husband and wife duo.

We love hearing from alumni, so if you want to speak to us, reach out! We’d enjoy listening to your “why UNMC” story, what you are up to in your career and any insight you have to share from your personal and/or professional experiences that students could benefit from. Fill out this short form to let us know:

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