Alumni Association - Connections Project

We Give Thanks for You

Time, talent and treasure are all resources we can share with others, perhaps in varying degrees, but that we can share to make a difference nonetheless. Hear from three alumni about what prompted them to start giving back to impact UNMC students, the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. This is the time of the year where we are often giving thanks as we look back over… Continue Reading

Honoring Our Veterans

In honor of Veterans Day, take a moment to listen as three UNMC alumni veterans share their experiences in the military. We are grateful to our students, faculty, staff and alumni who have served or are currently serving. You set an example in living out UNMC’s values of teamwork, excellence, accountability and courage. To all veterans, military personnel, and their family members, the UNMC Alumni… Continue Reading

T3: Our Love is Here to Stay

Today we bring to you a video from our Talent Treasure Trove (T3) to offer you a 2-minute musical time out. Allow yourself the time to take the music in and free your mind to follow along and maybe even tap your foot to the beat. We hope that after you watch the video, you will feel refreshed and be invigorated to take on your… Continue Reading

Tips for Sustaining Your Calling

This week, we share insight from Jessica Semin, a UNMC alumna two times over and a current student in UNMC’s BSN to DNP program in the College of Nursing. She shares the tips she utilizes for sustaining her calling. Even though this was filmed before the pandemic, it still rings true today. “I think whenever you give your time, treasure, or talent to others you… Continue Reading

Gratitude–It’s Always in Style

We in the Alumni Association know this has been such an unprecedented year, but one thing that has not changed is our ability to express gratitude. Today we would like to share with you a website dedicated to saying thank you to the alumni and friends who have supported a UNMC Innovation Fund for any college. Donor support is making an impact and the students… Continue Reading

Thank You From the Deans of UNMC

2020 has been an unprecedented year to say the least, however, there are still so many ways in which we can all be grateful. We would like all UNMC alumni to know how appreciative we are of you. Many of you are serving on the front lines, others are conducting vital research, caring for patients, and so much more. Thank you for the work that… Continue Reading

Servant Leadership & Relationship Building

Valeria Stokes, MSN’78, EdD grew up in a household where giving back to others was a value ingrained into her character. She took this with her throughout her career, serving in a variety of roles within hospital, corporate and nonprofit leadership. Now, as the Vice President of Human Resources at Erie Health Centers in Chicago, Dr. Stokes provides insight into the connection between her philosophy… Continue Reading

A Special Edition of Class Notes

Extra, extra, read all about it! Our Special Edition of Class Notes is here! It’s digital, it’s interactive and it’s super informative! In this edition:– Meet the Alumni Office Team– Learn about new projects and initiatives– Read class notes and see what #unmcalumni have been up to

Try, Try Again

Dr. Sigler was tenacious in his dream of becoming a dentist and the road wasn’t an easy one when it came to getting into dental school. Hear him share a little bit of his story and the tips he offers for students and young professionals or any of us who need a little encouragement to dream big. “I am really glad that I listened to… Continue Reading

Why’d You Choose UNMC?

Hear why numerous #unmcalumni chose UNMC for their health professions education in this short and fun video compilation.