Hindsight is 20/20: Advice to my 25-year-old self

You’ve heard that saying right? Meaning, that when you look back on a situation or an event (after the fact), you have a clearer understanding of it and how things could have been done better.

We all wish we could learn things without having to first experience them, but did you know that you actually can? You can learn from someone who has already gone through something by the advice they share. Those who have gone before you can share insight about things they wish they would have known or done differently so that you can be more prepared if you go through the same or similar scenario.

This week, we have such advice from Mike Kozal, MD ’88. From growing up in Nebraska and attending UNMC for medical school, to going to Stanford for an infectious disease fellowship, to working in biotech, being a medical director of public health, providing clinical care and academics and research at the University of Iowa and now Yale, he illustrates how the twists and turns in his career have helped him to have a better perspective and shares tips to help you on your own journey.

Want to glean even more advice from Dr. Kozal? Check out his video “Traits of a Good Leader” that ran on the blog last year.

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