Welcome New Faces

Alex Stoll, MPA

Alex Stoll, MPA

Alexandra (Alex) Stoll, MPA, recently joined the SAHP Academic and Student Affairs staff. Here’s more about Alex in her own words:

“I graduated from UNO with my MPA with a Nonprofit Concentration this May. I also received a Bachelor’s of Arts with a major in Psychology and minors in Ethnic Studies and Sociology, making UNMC the third Nebraska campus I have called home.  My interests include inter/intra organizational networks, sustainable living activities, travel, and running with my husband, Jeremy.”

Welcome aboard, Alex!


While we’re at it, say hello to the newest additions to our extended SAHP family:

Bridger and Mina McCormick

Bridger and Mina McCormick

Bridger Neil and Mina Leigh were born on April 18, 2014 to PT3 student, Andrea McCormick.  Bridger arrived first, weighing 6 lb 5 oz followed by Mina, weighing 6 lb 9 oz. Congratulations, Andrea!


RSTE students and faculty receive honors and awards at NSRT conference

Submitted by Tanya Custer, MS, R.T.(R)(T)
It was a busy weekend for RSTE students & faculty at the Nebraska Society of Radiologic Technology Annual Conference & the Chicago Area Radiation Therapy Annual Conference. Out of 16 awards, they brought home 14!


UNMC RSTE faculty and students at the 2014 NSRT conference

NSRT Results
Christian Gregg has served on the NSRT board for the past year as the nominations chairperson & was elected to serve for the upcoming year as vice president. James Temme served as the awards coordinator & provided a brief overview of the RT to DC happenings this year to the NSRT members. Tanya Custer served as the student bowl coordinator. The conference was, once again, very successful for the students and faculty. The following is a list of honors and awards received:

UNMC NSRT Student Board Representatives honored

  • Blair Dixon (RT)
  • Ashley Micek (RTT)
  • Sarah Liss (DMS)
  • McKenzie Stevens (CVIT)
  • Hannah Coffman – (MRI)

Award Winners at NSRT

Registered Technologist Scientific Essay Competition Winner

  • First Place – Tracy Sladek (CT) – “The Diagnostic Accuracy and Role of Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography in Diagnosing Coronary Artery Disease and Related Heart Conditions”

Registered Technologist /Full time student scientific essay competition winner

  • First Place – Heather Bell (MRI) - “High Definition Fiber Tractography”
  • Second Place – Makenzie Shank (CT) - “An Overview of Imaging Protocols in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Stroke”
  • Third Place – Karlyn Miller (MRI) - “Epilepsy Evaluation through Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging”

Student scientific essay competition winner

  • First Place – Emily Schlautman (RT) - “There’s an App for ThatTM #Radiology #MedicalApps”
  • Second Place – Justin Williams (RT) - “The Use of Interventional Radiology as a Means to Treat Atrial Fibrillation”
  • Third Place (Tie) - Connor Coffin – “Using Automated Breast Ultrasound Systems to Image and Detect Masses in Dense Breast Patients” and Blair Dixon – “Müllerian Duct Anomalies: Diagnosing Uterine Didelphys”

Registered Technologist scientific poster presentation

  • First Place – Lisa Bartenhagen and Tanya Custer -  “HPV Related Cancers”
  • Jim Temme & Stephanie Vas, third place - “ A Preliminary Study of Bacterial Cultures Obtained from MR Imaging Equipment”

Register Technologist/Full time student scientific poster presentation

  • First Place – Hannah Coffman (MRI) - “Alzheimer’s: Early Detection May Lead to Prevention”
  • Second Place – Allison Hukill (NMT) - “Radium-223 Dichloride: Advance State Prostate Cancer”
  • Third Place – Ahmed Naciri (NMT) - “Lymphoscintigraphy: Tc-99m Tilmanocept Vs. Tc-99m Sulfur Coloid”

Student scientific poster presentation

  • First Place – Brianna Jacobitz - “Echocardiography: Congenital Heart Defects in Children”
  • Second Place – Emily Schlautman - “There’s an App for ThatTM #Radiology #MedicalApps”

CART Results
Students attended the CART Student Registry review session on Saturday, April 26, and Dan Gunderson and Ashley Micek participated in the Quiz bowl on April 27.

The students made it to the quarterfinals where they lost to Northwestern University.

Lisa Bartenhagen presented on behalf of the ARRT Board of Trustees to registered radiation therapists on Continuing Education: Growth, success, value and you.