University of Nebraska Medical Center

2024 Outstanding Supervisor for the UNMC Genetic Counseling Program: Angela Cox

by Mary Matthiessen

The UNMC Genetic Counseling Program is excited to announce that Angela Cox, MGC, CGC,  has been named the 2024 Outstanding Supervisor for the UNMC Genetic Counseling Program. This award goes to one genetic counseling supervisor each year per genetic counseling program in the United States and Canada and was voted on by the 2024 genetic counseling graduating class.

Angela was recognized during a recent meeting and given a certificate in recognition of this award. Angela will also be recognized this summer at the annual Genetic Counselor Educators Association conference and at the National Society of Genetic Counselors annual conference in the fall. Previous recipients of the supervisor award include Drew Cratsenberg for 2021, Ali Wallgren for 2022, and Brianna Rezich for 2023.  

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