Special Interest Groups 2023-2024

FWC’s Interest Groups are the heart of our organization!  Take a look at upcoming plans below.  These groups cover a range of shared activities on evenings, weekends, and weekdays that promote learning, health, fun, and friendship.  Ask any one of our members and they’ll tell you some of their deepest relationships have come from the camaraderie in FWC Interest Groups!  Membership allows you to participate in any or all groups.

Book Club DAY (Coordinated by Kiran Gangahar)

Book Club DAY meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 1-3 PM, hosted by a rotating roster of members who facilitate a review of the author and book.  So far we have reviewed: “Horse” by Geraldine Brooks, “A Fever in the Heartland” by Timothy Egan, “Lessons in Chemistry “ by Bonnie Garmus, “Don’t Make me Pull Over” by Richard Ratay,nand “Prairie Forge” by James J. Kimble.

Book Club EVE (Coordinated by Carol McGlade)

Book Club EVE meets by Zoom the 3rd Thursday of each month from 5:30-6:30 PM, hosted by a rotating roster of members who facilitate a review of the author and book. We met in September to discuss”Demon Copperhead, in October “Britt Marie was here”, in November “A Hobbit, a Wardrobe and a Great War” all by Zoom. Then, we met for soup and sandwich’s at Carol McGlades in December to discuss “ Black Print with White Carnation”. Carrie Meyer invited the  author of this book, Amy Foras, to join us for discussion. We continued our discussion via Zoom in January with “ Lessons in Chemistry”. 

The rest of our reading selections for 2023-24, can be found by referring to the page “DAY and EVE Book Club Selections 2023-2024” on this website.

Book Club is a great way to experience a variety of literature, contemporary and classic, and to get better acquainted by sharing the ideas in each month’s selection.  New participants are always welcome.

Dining Out (Coordinated by Sara Crouse)

Dining Out meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 6:00 PM at selected restaurants.  This group is for members and spouses who enjoy an evening out with friends.  The group wines and dines at various restaurants in Omaha and surroundings areas.  The group is notified of the restaurant selection and location a month in advance by email, so everyone can decide if they wish to give it a try.  A dead line for responding to the month’s “Dining Out” invitation must be sent to Sara at the time of her email to the group each month. During our first five years, we’ve gathered at over 30 different restaurants and sampled the wide variety of food that Omaha offers.

Our group coordinator, Sara Crouse, always welcomes suggestion from the group as to restaurants that one would like the group to visit.  Many of our members have favorites in their area that many are unaware exist.  It is always great to explore NEW venues throughout the year.  So far, we’ve met at Isla Del Mar, Ollie & Hobbs, Ancho & Agave, and Kinaara Indian Restaurant

Saturday, May 18th 6pm at Ooh-De-Lally 4916 Underwood Ave, Dundee


The venue selections for the above dates will be posted as they are determined.

Gourmet Club (Co-coordinated by Barbara Hurlbert & Belinda Greiner)

The Gourmet Club meets 4-6 times per year hosted at rotating member locations.  Gourmet members share meal preparation tips and learn new culinary techniques while enjoying an evening of socializing.  Over the years this group has sampled a wide variety of cuisines and enjoyed the diverse culinary talents of the group.  Don’t let the name scare you, the emphasis is on a good party.  Spouses are included in the gatherings.  

 A Big THANK YOU to Kiran Gangahar for hosting our first Gourmet Club dinner at her home on September 30.  The Indian menu was superb and the recipes were outstanding.  Thanks to everyone who contributed their talents to make this evening special!

2023 Tentative Schedule:
Joan Zetterman will host a January 27th get together-  Susan Mathers and Mary Beth Gust will cohost with her.
Barb Hurlbert & Merle McAlevy will host in March or early April – exact dates to be determined
Belinda and Carl Greiner will host in May with dates to be determined.

Everyone is welcome to join our “amateur chefs” and culinary group.   Bon Appetit!

Fine Arts Club (Open to Volunteer)

Our Fine Arts club brings together individuals who share a passion for artistic expression. It serves as a creative hub where members, driven by a common love for various forms of art, can admire what Omaha has to offer.  This collective environment creates a supportive community where members can appreciate and contribute to the richness of the fine arts.

On Friday, November 17th, they traveled to UNO’s Samuel Bak Museum-The Learning Center.  The museum Curator, Alexandra Cardon, lead the tour and ended in Q&A’s.   UNOMAHA.EDU/SAMUEL-BAK-MUSEUM-THE-LEARNING-CENTER

On Wednesday, May 15th, the group will visit the ICONS in Transformation at All Saints Eposcopal Church

Future events being discussed include the Fiber Arts Project…stay tuned for more details.

Happy Hour Club (Coordinated by Kelly Klepser)

Our monthly Happy Hour Club was established to provide an opportunity for after-hours socializing (6:00-7:00PM) for members and spouses.  Unwind, share ideas, and foster meaningful relationships in a welcoming and vibrant community. This relaxed environment is a great introduction to the FWC.  Bring a friend and encourage potential members to attend.

Mark your calendar for 6 PM on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Come raise your glass with us! 

  • Sept 14th – Eleven Eleven – 6061 Maple St, Omaha
  • Oct 12th – Proof Midtown – 200 S. 31st Ave #4102, Omaha Cancelled
  • Nov 9th – Barnato – 225 N 170th St Suite 95, Omaha Cancelled
  • Dec 14th – Rudy’s Bar – 8503 Maple St , Omaha Cancelled
  • Jan 11th – Wicked Rabbit – 1508 Harney St, Omaha
  • Feb 8th – Mercury – 329 South 16th Street, Omaha
  • March 14th – Anna’s Place – 1802 Dodge St., inside the Hotel Indigo
  • April 11th – Spirit World -Aksarben,  Omaha
  • May 9th – Barroco Wine Bar & Craft Cocktails – 2935 S 108th St Omaha
  • June 13th – Public House – 11008 Prairie Brook Rd, Omaha
  • July 11th – The Tavern Omaha – 514 S. 10th St, Omaha
  • Aug 8th – Pint Nine Brewing – 10411 Portal Road, Suite 104 Papillion

Hiking Club (Coordinated by Laura Bilek)

This NEW Club, launched in 2020, allows fellow members and spouses to hike together along local trails.  The Hiking Club meets each 2nd Saturday at a predetermined time, with social time following the hikes.  Trail selections will include both gentle and challenging options, as well as dog-friendly choices

Many are EASY, PAVED trails for those who would like to start hiking with our group. We will post the 2023-24 locations as they are determined. 

Saturday, May 11th – Glen Cunningham Lake Park meet at the parking lot on the southwest side of the lake at 9am.

Come join in the adventure, camaraderie and fun!

Needle Arts (Coordinated by Mary Gurney)

Needle Arts meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from 9:30 – 11:30 AM hosted by rotating members in their homes. Members bring UFOs (unfinished objects) or whatever they are working on, and join in for a morning of stitching and conversation.  This casual gathering includes novice and accomplished knitters, quilters, embroiderers, crocheters, and any form of sewing.  

This year’s schedule:

  • Sept. 5th – Claudianna Todd’s home
  • September 19th – Belinda Greiner’s home
  • Oct. 3rd – Mary Gurney’s daughter’s home
  • Oct. 17th – Susan Mathers home
  • Nov. 7th – Sara Crouse’s home
  • Nov. 21st –  Carol McGlade
  • Dec. 5th –  Belinda Greiner
  • Jan. 2nd – Skip or meet at a coffee shop
  • Jan. 16th – Mary Gurney
  • Feb. 6th – Susan Mathers
  • Feb. 20th – Carol McGlade
  • Mar. 5th – Belinda Greiner
  • Mar. 19th – Claudianna Todd
  • Apr. 2nd – Sara Crouse
  • Apr. 16th – Susan Mathers
  • May 7th – Spring luncheon at Master’s Hand in Tecamah, NE

Need inspiration?  This group is for you.  You will find it here.  Join us!!

Pickleball/Badminton (Coordinated by Claudianna Todd)
This group meets the first Sunday of each month from 3:00 to 5:00 P.M. at the UNMC Center for Healthy Living (3908 Jones Street).  Spouses are included and co-ed teams are encouraged. Both pickleball and badminton are set for play.   Afterwards, members rotate to host a potluck dinner or social time at their homes.  Spouses are included and co-ed teams are encouraged.  Planned dates for the 2023-24 season at the Center followed by “potluck” at a member’s home include:

  • September 10th – Todd
  • October 1st – Paulman
  • November 5th – Rupp
  • December 3rd – Chee/Dudley
  • January 7th  – Gangahar
  • February 4th – Crouse
  • March 3rd – Olsen
  • April 7th – Sansom
  • May 5th – Mendlick
  • June 2nd -Bilek

Next meeting is February 7th with a meal centered around Chicken and Veggie Fajitas.  

The rules of the game are simple, so consider joining the group for fun and friendship.