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You are unique and so is the Faculty Women’s Club!  Discover why……….

By joining and participating in Faculty Women’s Club, meeting new friends, and forming strong bonds with fellow colleagues and their spouses, YOU will derive much enjoyment.  HOW?  In part with fun-filled social experiences offered via several INTEREST GROUPS.  These unique Interest Groups are guaranteed to provide opportunities for exercise, fine dining, exploring the arts, creative cooking, excellent readings and outstanding handwork.

Investigate and give the groups that appeal to you a try!  You’ll be glad you did and so will FWC!
The A B C and D’s of Faculty Women’s Club or

The “must join” Interest Groups:


Fine Arts                                                                                       Do you like to read, discuss, cook, eat, sew,

Books and Birdies (Badminton)                                   see art venues, catch up with friends and colleagues or

Cooking (Gourmet)                                                                even chase birdies? Then you need to check us out!

Dining Out

Stitching (Needle Art)


The Fine Arts group plans and enjoys outings to current gallery shows, guided tours, insightful talks and demonstrations. Hands-on participation has been known to happen also! Brunch or Lunch is most often included in the day’s plans.

Books and Birdies can be found in the monthly meetings of the Book Club and the Badminton (incl. spouse/guest) groups.   The Book Club reads the selected book of the month, meets in members’ homes for lunch and a member-led discussion. Enlightening, enticing and enjoyable. A great combination.   Birdies are abundant at the monthly gathering of the Badminton Group which chases those birdies on campus at the health center. A pot luck dinner at a member’s home is the reward for a challenging game at the net.

A long-time favorite, the Gourmet Group (incl. spouse/guest) has Cooking perfected. Dates for dinners, as well as the hosts and location, are decided by group members – usually in the fall. Members attending a dinner sign up to prepare one recipe/dish. The total meal cost is shared by all attendees as are the tasty offerings.

A new group this past year is the perfectly named Dining Out group (incl. spouse/guest). Eating out, socializing and checking out Omaha’s vast array of restaurants is this group’s goal. No cleaning your house, no cooking, no worries! What a delightful opportunity.

Last, but not least, is the Needle Art or Sewing group. Meeting twice a month, these ladies definitely keep each other in stitches with their handiwork and girl-talk. Sharing food and ideas gets fitted in also, of course!

Consider joining FWC and one or more of these many groups. You’ll be glad you did!

For more information or to join, call or email Mary Beth Gust, Interest Group chairperson at 402-392-0716 or wfgust@cox.net. You may also contact the chairperson of the individual Interest Group directly.

BADMINTON –  E,izabeth Rupp (402-397-0408)  Pickleball may be added as well.

BOOK CLUB – Mary Younkers (402-291-9171) or Janelle Davis (402-397-8715)

DINING OUT – Pam Hamel (402-392-1191, fghamel@cox.net)

FINE ARTS – Belinda Greiner (402-496-0602)

GOURMET –  Mary Beth Gust (402-392-0716) or Sharon Mendlick (402-504-1787)

NEEDLEART – Joni Stinson (402-493-8065, jstinson22@outlook.com)

New Interest Groups

If you have interest in forming a new group, please contact Mary Beth Gust or any of the leaders.


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3 thoughts on “Interest Groups

    • Hi,
      Saw your message about interest in FWC. I am passing on your information and someone from our newcomers committee will be in touch with you. I will also email you so that in case you are not checking back to this blog you will know that someone saw your message.
      Debbie Hinrichs

  • Theresa, we would love to have you for lunch on Oct. 23. Speaker mayor Jean Stothert. Luncheon at noon in private dining room adjacent to cafeteria on level 3.

    I see that Deb has likely forwarded your question to newcomer chairperson so I hope to meet you net week.

    Thank you for your interest, Claudianna Todd