Faculty Women’s Club Board Members for 2021-2022

FWC 2021-2022
 Elected Executive Board Members

Theresa Olsen        President                                                       

Diane Schott           President Elect                                             

Jessica King           Recording/Corresponding Secretary          

Barbara Hurlbert    Marketing Director                

Claudiana Todd      Treasurer                                

Barbara Hurlbert    Past President/Advisor                 

Appointed Board Members

Dorothy Sansom      Interest Groups                       

Belinda Greiner        Luncheons                                                                       

Pam Hamel              Membership                            

Sara Crouse             Programs/Speakers                

Sharon Medcalf       Scholarship                              

Linda Chee              Yearbook                                  

FWC Board Meets at 6:30 PM on the following dates:

Aug 08, 2021, October 12, 2021, Jan 11, 2022 & March 15, 2022

We are always in need of members to help lead and set the course for our future.  Please give consideration to volunteering to serve.  You will enjoy it.   Trust that if you need hand holding, you will get it!  Don’t be shy!  Volunteer!  Email us your interest at: