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UNMC Faculty Women’s Club Noon Luncheon Meeting Programs 2016 – 2017

                                     PLEASE TAKE NOTE

I’m writing to let you know about our upcoming FWC luncheon on Sept. 21st. We are kicking the year off in our traditional style with the introduction of our scholarship awardees as well as having a presentation by Susanne Rogert from the NE Foundation about “The Nebraska Foundation and FWC Scholarships”. She will explain how the scholarship monies make it from our checkbooks to those students we honor every year!!

This year, because we have shifted to the 3rd Wednesday of the month for our luncheon meetings, we have also moved our room location. We will be dining in Private Dining Room “C”. Please make note of these changes!! Our terrific Luncheon Committee has planned an amazing menu for us and we don’t want you to miss it 🙂

Also be aware that parking has become even more of an issue at UNMC. If you can car pool, plan to do so. Valet parking is an option but can mean a delay in retrieving your vehicle. If neither of these options are appealing, plan to arrive a few minutes early for the inevitable UNMC parking garage circling that you may have to do!!

All that said….we have just celebrated our 96th year as Faculty Women’s Club. A couple of modifications and parking challenges can’t stop us! This September luncheon is when we honor ourselves and our students for doing what we do best. We hope you can join us.

Please have your reservation in to me NO LATER THAN THURSDAY, SEPT. 15!


Peggy Shaffer

Communications Chair


All luncheons start at 12 noon and are held at one of the 3 UNMC private dining rooms
Please take notice that our luncheon Wednesdays are now the 3rd Wednesday of every month.


Programs for UNMC Faculty Women’s Club Luncheons


Sept 21, 2016

Susanne Rogert, NE Foundation

“The Nebraska Foundation and FWC Scholarships”


October 19, 2016

Wayne Stuberg, PT, PhD,

Associate Director Monroe Meyer Institute

“Family Care Enhancement for Children with Disabilities”


December 14, 2016

Holiday Tea at the home of Mary Gallagher-Jansen

More details to follow


January 18, 2017

Dr. Juliann Sebastian, Dean of the College of Nursing

“Border to Border Nursing Campus”


March 15, 2017 and May 17, 2017 TBA

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