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Interest Groups

Faculty Women’s Club has its own special interest groups.  These groups are not political in nature, (although that could be a topic of conversation); however, they ARE filled with diverse, engaging, talented, and fun-loving women, all of whom are FWC members.  For those of us who are long-time members of Faculty Women’s Club, the various Interest Groups are the “heart” of this organization.

Why Join?

The definition of interest says it all: to attract, draw your attention, appeal, fascinate or catch your eye. Our Interest Groups do all of this and more. They provide a chance to meet and really get to know women with connections throughout our ever-expanding medical center campus. Talking, laughing, working, eating and sometimes even crying together help provide a great bonding and support network.  Great friendships and wonderful support goes hand-in-hand with the events planned and experienced by each of the groups through the year.  Do look them over and take the leap and join the fun.  You’ll be glad you did.


The meeting times and group chairs/co-chairs are listed below. If you have any questions, please email or call that group’s chair or Mary Beth Gust, Interest Group chair, 402-490-9146.  We will be happy to give you more information.

New Interest Groups

If you have interest in forming a new group, please contact Mary Beth Gust or any of the leaders.


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3 thoughts on “Interest Groups

    • Hi,
      Saw your message about interest in FWC. I am passing on your information and someone from our newcomers committee will be in touch with you. I will also email you so that in case you are not checking back to this blog you will know that someone saw your message.
      Debbie Hinrichs

  • Theresa, we would love to have you for lunch on Oct. 23. Speaker mayor Jean Stothert. Luncheon at noon in private dining room adjacent to cafeteria on level 3.

    I see that Deb has likely forwarded your question to newcomer chairperson so I hope to meet you net week.

    Thank you for your interest, Claudianna Todd