Phi Chi Medical Society at UNMC

Thanksgiving Dinner

Dinner that usually takes place around Thanksgiving time. A chance for Phi Chi members to catch up with alumni locally and from all over. Faculty are also invited, so take advantage of getting to know them outside of class! Plus, the food is fantastic! Don’t miss out!

Thanksgiving Dinner

What a blast! This is definitely an event you don’t want to miss out on.  Too many to name!

Fall and Spring Cleanup

House Cleanup

Happy to be clean!

Front Row (L to R): Jose Morales, Nora Kovar, Drew Dietle, Duy Ha, Irsa Shoiab.
Middle Row: (L to R): Joe Marion, Matt Pazderka, David Bayne, Mike DaSilva, Jarrod Bang.
Back Row: (L to R): Evin Lackore, Wenyang Li, Lu Doan, Nick Lukens, Max Chiu, Jens Johnson.


House cleanup is a Phi Chi annual event where we show just how much we love our home!
Members get a chance to bond while getting down and dirty (cleaning) …

Founder's Day

Founder's Day

What a group! So handsome! So beautiful! Members of the Chi Club.

This event is to celebrate the founding of Phi Chi. Come and learn about its history and help contribute to its future. Members of the Chi Club, who owns the house, will be there. It also serves as an opportunity to celebrate the academic and social achievement of current members.