Phi Chi Medical Society at UNMC

Phi Chi House

Phi Chi Medical Fraternity
3708 Dewey Ave, Omaha, NE 68105

North Side of Phi Chi Main House:
Parking for upperclassmen is located on the north side of the house, with plenty of parking on the surrounding streets.

Balcony Overlooking South Side:

 Southeast corner of Phi Chi Main House:
Large yard for outdoor activities and school-wide events.

Phi Chi Main and Carriage Houses:
Student rooms are in either the main mansion or the carriage house.

Buffet Room:
Meals are served here four nights a week, with plenty of leftovers!

Main House Dining Room:
Dinner is always a nice break, and eating with company is a hidden gem of living here.

Main House Kitchen:
Microwave, toaster, waffle maker, coffee maker, industrial oven, four fridges, a deep freezer — what more can a person dream of?

Satin Room:
Lots of wood paneling that is polished twice a year so it looks fancy!

Main House Living Room:
Common area where there is always something crazy happening (like studying or board games).


Main House Study Room:
Prime study location, plus you are surrounded by books that are older than your parents!

Basement Ballroom:
Parties, parties, parties!