Phi Chi Medical Society at UNMC

Phi Chi House

Phi Chi Medical Fraternity
3708 Dewey Ave, Omaha, NE 68105

Right Side of Phi Chi Main House:
Parking lot area here, on front, and left sides 

Balcony Overlooking Back:
Great for BBQ get togethers

Left Side of Phi Chi Main House:
Our beautifully kept yard and shrubs 

Phi Chi Main and Carriage Houses:
Main and carriage house as seen during the winter 

Sun and Buffet Room:
Well lit for dinner time
Main Entrance Vestibule:
Architecture is warm and welcoming

Main House Living Room:
Chill by the fireplace and piano after a long day of class

Main House Dining Room:
Members dine together every evening

Main House Living Room:
Another angle showcasing its spaciousness

Main House Study Room:
Quiet and comfortable by yet another fireplace

Main House Kitchen:
Food preparation done here by our cook

Basement Ballroom:
Parties, parties, parties!