Members Welcome!

Welcome Prospective Members!

You may be asking yourself why you should live here, or stumbled upon this page by accident. Either way, here is a long list of reasons why Phi Chi may be right for you:

  • The services of the house are second to none in terms of value.  Rent and all utilities start at $275/month, which includes cable, wireless internet, and all utilities. This is by far the best price you can find in the area, and many of our members take out smaller loan amounts since they save so much money living at Phi Chi.
  • Room quality increases from year to year so it is your advantage to become a house member as an incoming student. Room selection for future years is based on seniority, and within each class year by contributions to the house. Four rooms have their own attached bathroom.
  •  The meal plan consists of two house dinners a week. One dinner a week is taken care of by a permanent house member and as a house, we take turns cooking or ordering food for dinner for the other house meal that week. This makes it extremely convenient to share food while bonding and sharing camaraderie.
  • Phi Chi is about five blocks from the Sorrell Center and most house members walk to class and avoid parking fees and tickets. It is also within walking distance to popular restaurants and bars in the nearby Blackstone District, eliminating Uber expenses!
  • Laundry, basic cable, both wireless and wired internet, kitchen appliances and wares are included in the rent for house members. This past summer the house recently purchased a brand new fridge and freezer.
  • Many incoming house members pay substantially less for books, since many are available from upperclassmen.  We also have a library of donated medical books from recent alumni.
  • Having house members representing all four years of medical school is an extremely valuable resource to help guide your studying.  They are also very helpful for dealing with the most stressful parts of medical school, like Anatomy, the USMLE Step 1 exam, and the match process and how it all comes together.  It’s great to come home and have dinner with people who have been through the same thing you are struggling with, and can answer your questions and give some helpful tips and tricks.
  • By living at the Phi Chi house, you will also be surrounded by several classmates.  Many people form lasting friendships by living in the house together, and benefit from having others around dealing with the same issues and difficulties.  Medical school is much easier when you have others around who understand what you’re going through and can listen.
  • The low cost of living at Phi Chi has enabled many house members to save up for UNMC sponsored medical service trips abroad.
  • Events at the house are organized around test schedules and include an Orientation Week BBQ, Around The World Party (in January), and other parties/social gatherings. Phi Chi’s location and amenities (large TV room, fire pit, pool table, etc.) make it a great place for socializing. We host the rest of the UNMC medical school at these events, and it is very nice to be at your house when the night comes to an end.

Housing for Incoming / Upperclassmen Students:

  • If you are interested in living at Phi Chi, please send an email with the following information to the Recruitment Chair, Cade Cody,

Full Name Contact Info (phone # and email)
Undergraduate (major and general activities)

  • You are welcome to take a tour of the house before you make a decision.  Tours are arranged through the recruitment chair.  The house address is:

3708 Dewey Ave
Omaha, NE 68105

  • Rooms are filled as incoming members make a deposit of $200.00.  Selection order is determined by the order in which we receive deposit checks, so if you would like to select a better room, get your deposit in early!  (You get the deposit back when you move out, as long as you haven’t caused damage to the room.)  Make the deposit check out to Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, but address the envelope to our treasurer:

Phi Chi Medical Fraternity:  Attn Treasurer
3708 Dewey Avenue
Omaha, NE 68105

  • We also host traveling medical students, so it is important for us to know when you plan to move in so we can have your room ready on time.  As soon as your plans are made please send an email to our Recruitment Chair Cade Cody ( to let us know when you’ll be arriving.
  • Upon your arrival, you will sign a lease agreement and receive keys to the house and your room. As always, member will be around to help you get situated.