Visiting Students

Information for Traveling and Summer Students

Housing for Medical/Research Rotations

  • Phi Chi also hosts traveling students for their summer sessions, M4 rotations, or research at UNMC.  We do have limited space, and preference is given to students who send in their deposits first. Please peruse this page to find more information about renting rooms at Phi Chi for your UNMC rotation, and to see examples of people who have stayed with us. If interested, send an email to the Recruitment Chair, Cade Cody ( with the following information:

Full Name, Contact Info (phone # AND email)
UNMC Affiliation (parent institution & program)
Dates of Stay at Phi Chi Fraternity House

He will let you know if rooms are open, and if so, to send in a non refundable deposit.

  • Deposit checks should be made out to Phi Chi Medical Fraternity, and address the envelope to our Treasurer:

Phi Chi Medical Fraternity:  Attn Treasurer
3708 Dewey Avenue
Omaha, NE 68105

The deposit check covers rent and all utilities except air conditioning for the first month. A/C costs are $40/month for the electricity regardless of whether you bring/buy your own versus those provided by the house.

  • Available rooms are filled based on the order that deposits are received. A room in the carriage house requires a $385 deposit, while one in the main house is $410.
  • If you would like to stay longer than one month, rent will be prorated per day up to 6 weeks.  Beyond that, you will have to pay for the full 2nd month.  A few extra days after that will be prorated, up to half of the third month (after that you pay for the full month). If you are a student from abroad and have difficulty sending a check, please note that in your email to Cade Cody. He will contact you to work out an alternative plan.
  • As soon as your travel plans are made please send an email to Cade at to inform him of your anticipated arrival time so that Phi Chi can make arrangements for someone to be at the house to let you in.
  • Please be prepared to provide a $20 key and cleaning deposit and the cost of rent for the days you stay beyond 30 days (we will let you know this amount ahead of time based on a rate per day) upon arrival. Once the lease agreement is signed and key and cleaning deposit received, you will receive keys to the main/carriage house and your room key. We will also give you a tour of the house and help get you situated. Upon receipt of the keys and clean up of your room by Cade at your departure, the key deposit will be returned.

What to Expect While Living in Phi Chi:

  • More rooms are open during summer months (June – Mid August) than the rest of the year. We have many requests during summer sessions at UNMC, so we suggest sending in deposits as early as you can to assure you get a room.  There are single rooms available during the summer, so get your deposit in early if you want one!  We have had to turn people away each of the last two years due to high demand.
  • Beds are provided but for sanitary reasons we require students to provide their own sheets, pillows, etc. We also supply some furniture (desk, dresser, closet). If you are staying in a current house member’s room, it will be furnished.
  • Rooms are on floors with shared bathrooms; there are several in the main house and two in the carriage house. During the regular school year, cleaning and bathroom supplies (hand soap, surface sanitizer, toilet paper, etc.) are provided.
  • Parking, wireless and wired internet, cable, and use of washer/dryer machines are covered by the rent charge.