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Interlibrary Loan logon procedures to change

Beginning February 16, the library’s Interlibrary Loan system will be connected to the UNMC Net ID service. users will be able to log in to their Interlibrary Loan accounts with their UNMC username and password. This change is being made to improve security and ease of access.

  • Current UNMC users who have a username that was not their UNMC Net ID username will have their accounts converted to their UNMC username. Files and history will remain available.
  • Current UNMC users whose Interlibrary Loan username is their UNMC Net ID username will now use their Net ID password.
  • All new UNMC users can simply log in to the system with their UNMC Net ID and password to begin the registration process.
  • If you are ordering for someone else and that proxy account is no longer accessible to you, please create a new account, but do not use the person’s UNMC username. A suggested username would be “proxyjohndoe.”
  • If you do not have a UNMC email account, such as Nebraska Medicine or Children’s Hospital, any existing logon information remains unchanged.

If you have questions or issues, please email or call 402-559-7085.

Library Outreach: Brown Bags and Clinic Visits

Recent library outreach to the UNMC community has included visiting outpatient clinics, and a consumer health presentation.

Visiting Nebraska Medicine Clinics

Starting in Fall 2017, McGoogan Library has been reaching out to outpatient clinics to raise awareness of library services that support patient care. We are starting with primary care, and have visited seven clinics so far. During the visit we attend a staff or provider meeting to discuss our Consumer Health Information Resource Service (CHIRS) for patients and families, and highlight library services available to providers and staff.  Our next stop will be the Chalco clinic in March! If you would like a librarian to visit your clinic, please contact Christian Minter, Community Engagement & Health Literacy Librarian at

Olson Center Brown Bag Lecture

In January, Marty Magee provided the presentation “They Said It, You Heard It: Health Issues in the Headlines” for the Olson Center Brown Bag Lecture. The presentation featured criteria to evaluate health news shared in the media, and resources to find quality health news stories. You can watch a recording on the UNMC Brown Bag page.

Reflection Space Celebrates One Year

Since February 2017, the library’s Reflection Room has provided a quiet space to reflect and meditate for members of the UNMC and Nebraska Medicine community. The UNMC Department of Psychiatry, a sponsor of the Reflection Room, advised on several aspects of setup, access, and promotion. Their support helped the library bring artwork, soft lighting, comfortable cushions and mats, and a massage chair to the space. A second massage chair was later added on the sixth floor. The library continues to partner with the UNMC Department of Psychiatry and UNMC’s Wellbeing Coordinating Council to increase the number of wellness resources and opportunities on campus.

The room has been used nearly 500 times, with UNMC students accounting about for half of those uses. As partners in campus wellness initiatives, the library is proud to host this Reflection Room on campus. The library has received several comments about the space:

“Please don’t get rid of this room. It is a lifesaver.” — a student

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! So extremely wonderful!” –unknown

“Thank you for providing this for us! I really feel more centered.” –a staff member

All user comments were reviewed by the library’s facilities planning committee. Some suggestions prompted us to make minor adjustments, such as the addition of signage and tips for accessing QR codes for music. We received requests to place scented items and incense in the room. However, scents do not appeal to everyone (and may cause headaches) and open flames are not allowed. When we were asked to help keep the space quiet, we made a note to address hallway noise with staff and visitors.

The Reflection Room is located on the 8th floor of the McGoogan Library of Medicine in room 8016A and is open to all during regular library hours. No reservations are required.

Search tips: Searching for closely associated words

By Cindy Schmidt

Perhaps you are interested in faculty surveys. Most relevant articles would contain the words

faculty, professor, professors, instructor, instructors, teacher, or teachers

— within one to four words of –

survey, surveys, surveying, surveyed, questionnaire, or questionnaires

Several of the literature databases licensed by the McGoogan Library allow the searcher to specify that two search terms (or groups of terms) be closely associated.

These include MEDLINE via OVID, MEDLINE via EBSCOhost, CINAHL, PsycINFO, EMBASE, and Scopus. To reach any of these databases, go to the library’s homepage, click on the “Literature Databases” button and then click the database link.

In OVID MEDLINE, a faculty survey search might be entered as:

(faculty OR professor* OR instructor* OR teacher) ADJ4 (survey* OR questionnaire*)

In EBSCOhost MEDLINE, CINAHL or PsycINFO, it would appear as:

(faculty OR professor* OR instructor* OR teacher) N4 (survey* OR questionnaire*)

In EMBASE, the search would appear as:

(faculty OR professor* OR instructor* OR teacher) NEAR/4 (survey* OR questionnaire*)

In Scopus, it would appear as:

(faculty OR professor* OR instructor* OR teacher) W/4 (survey* OR questionnaire*)

The proximity operators shown in the search strategies will retrieve records containing the search terms in either order as long as they are within 4 words of each other. Records containing either “surveyed faculty” or “faculty member surveys” would be retrieved.