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Support the McGoogan Library and Wigton Heritage Center during For the Greater Good

For the Greater Good noon–noon March 27–28, 2024. Support the McGoogan Library and Wigton Heritage Center

From noon-noon on March 27-28, support UNMC students and the people, programs and patients of Nebraska Medicine during For the Greater Good. 

For the Greater Good is UNMC’s and Nebraska Medicine’s 24-hour online giving event during which alumni, students, faculty, staff, grateful patients and the community at large come together to raise money for scholarships, programs, student groups, patient assistance and other activities. 

Two ways you can support the McGoogan Library and Wigton Heritage Center 

Your Donation’s Impact 

A $25 donation can: 

  • Help offset the cost of our Maker Studio space and keep it free for UNMC students 
  • Help the library continue to provide the widest range of freely accessible resources to UNMC students, faculty and staff 
  • Help the library create new exhibits for our community by contributing to essential parts of our exhibits and display cases within the Wigton Heritage Center and online exhibits 
  • Help support scanning and digitization of our online exhibits 

A $66 donation gets you a branded travel bag and can: 

  • Buy bananas and granola bars for 30 UNMC students during de-stress week 
  • Help support library wellness events for UNMC students throughout the academic year 
  • Provide preservation of two audio tapes of faculty and historical lectures 
  • Help support special outreach events that are open to the public 

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