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University of Nebraska Medical Center

DigitalCommons@UNMC: Making a Global Impact

Map showing the number of downloads on DigitalCommons@UNMC across the world

McGoogan Library’s DigitalCommons@UNMC recently reached a significant milestone—one million downloads. This achievement reflects the incredible dedication of our UNMC community members who share their valuable work through this platform. 

DigitalCommons@UNMC, an institutional repository (IR), is a service of the McGoogan Library in support of UNMC’s strategic vision to “Increase the research scope and prominence of UNMC as a top tier academic health sciences center” by providing online access to faculty, staff, and student scholarship. Open access principles are central to the design of this repository, which breaks down financial barriers to education and also increases the impact of the work contained within it by showcasing it to the global community. 

Content types can vary widely by discipline, but the goal of storing all content is the same: To provide a common opportunity for presenting internally and globally what is being accomplished by UNMC and its clinical partners. 

Learn more about DigitalCommons@UNMC and the content guidelines for adding an item to the repository. 

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